Message from the Publisher
Dear readers,

So many interesting people. So many interesting stories.

As an online publisher I  keep coming across them, both in the "real" and "virtual" worlds of Israeli dance.

And  the stories take on a special meaning when I'm in Israel,  the "home" of Israeli dance in every sense of the word.

Which is why, as this website developed from small beginnings to a worldwide resource, my mission statement became  "Israeli --- A home for every dancer."

In this spirit, we welcome dance stories of interest contributed by readers not published elsewhere.
Stephanie's story - Melbourne, Australia
The Accidental Partner - Benzi Raz, Haifa Israel
The Road to Recovery - Peter Smolash, Montreal Canada
It was my special pleasure and honour to start this new feature with an inspirational story which we published at the request of Benzi Raz from Haifa. We invite you to share your own special dance experience with our readers.
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If you have a dance story to share with our readers, please let us know.