Stephanie's Story
My name is Stephanie and I am an addict.

So is my husband Gary.

I confess that we constantly dip our fingers into this succulent dish and suck them dry.

We just cannot get enough of this amazing, enticing, all-embracing and ever changing drug.

It colours our world, it lightens our load and it grips our souls. It is the most powerful aphrodisiac.

We talk the talk, we walk the walk and its allure captivates our being.

It makes us whole. It keeps us young, free and enthusiastic. We breathe in its perfume.

We are dance-aholics and our drug of choice is Israeli dancing!!!!!
Stephanie Gray, July 2010
**Stephanie's husband is Gary Gray, the author of the acclaimed book of short stories about his teenage years in labour and concentration camps,  A Spoonful of Soup
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