Israeli Dance Camps Around The World.

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Arkadance 20210920Waiting for next year's dates FRANCE
La Grande Motte
Occitanie, Southern France
Sylvie Cremer
Ashdodance 20210705Waiting for next year's dates ISRAEL
One hour drive south of Tel Aviv
Avi Levy
Balkanot 20210103Waiting for next year's dates
Balkan & Israeli folk Dance Camp held in January
Verona (Brenzone)
3 hour train from Rome or 1 hour train from Venice
Roberto Bagnoli
Belev Echad 20210501Waiting for next year's dates CANADA
Vancouver, British Columbia
Camp located in Vancouver city
Nona Malki
Belev Patuach 20210515Waiting for next year's dates USA
Asilomar Conf Grounds, Pacific Grove, California
2.5 hours drive south of San Francisco
Karina Lambert
Camp Bitnua 20201014October 14-17, 2020 ISRAEL
1 hour flight or 4 hour drive south from Tel Aviv
Hila Mukdasi
Camp Dalia 20210501Waiting for next year's dates ARGENTINA
Buenos Aires
Tigre, 40 minutes driving north of Buenos Aires
Melany Laniado
Camp MechoLA 20210117Waiting for 2021 dates
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San Diego, California
In a suburb of San Diego
Sagi Azran
Camp SheLAnu 20210214Waiting for 2021 dates
President's Weekend
Brandeis, California
50 minutes drive north of LAX International airport
Orly Star Setareh
Camp Yofi 20210710Waiting for next year's dates ITALY
Verona (Brenzone)
Verona (Brenzone) - 3 hour train from Rome
Roberto Bagnoli
Chile Rokedet 20201112Nov 12-15, 2020 CHILE
Rosa Agustina Resorts & Spa, Valpraiso
1.5 hours drive NW from Santiago airport
Chen Blum
Full Dance 20210314Waiting for next year's dates
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Yaron Ben Simhon
Gvanim 20210820Waiting for next year's dates USA
2.25 hours drive north of NY
Irith Shade Shemesh
Halleluya 20210319Waiting for next year's dates
Formerly Beketzev Acher
Chicago area
Etty Dolgin, Bruria Kohen
Hilulim 20201108Waiting for next year's dates USA
Manhattan, New York
Karen Kaplan
Hora Derbyshire 20210612Waiting for next year's dates ENGLAND
2.5 hours drive north of London or 1 hour south of Manchester
Julia Kay
Hora Eclipse 2 20240405April 5-8, 2024 USA
East of Dallas, west of Austin, 12 miles from Potosi, Missouri
Larry Denenberg
Hora Melbourne Australia 20210329Waiting for next year's dates
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Helen Sokolski, Sue Appel
Hora Sheleg 20201228Waiting for next year's dates
Beginners camp
Upper Bavaria
Matti Goldschmidt
Karmiel Festival 20210630Waiting for next year's dates ISRAEL
Karmiel & all over Israel
Dany Benshalom
Keff Mexico 20210308Waiting for next year's dates
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Mexico City
Eileen Weinstock , Moy Covalin
Kochavim 20210423Waiting for next year's dates USA
1 hour drive each from San Antonio and Austin airports
April, Dee and Shira
Kochavim Mexico 20210726Waiting for next year's dates
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3.5 hour flight from Mexico City or 18 km from SLW airport
Corina Aviles, Becky Schenker
Machol Australia 20210911Waiting for next year's dates AUSTRALIA
Melbourne, Victoria
40 minute drive from Melbourne
Esther Blumenthal
Machol Aviv 20210520Waiting for next year's dates BELGIUM
Machol Brasil 20210516Waiting for next year's dates
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Vila Ventura Ecoresort
2.5 hour drive south of Rio
Machol Czechia 20210722Waiting for next year's dates CZECH REPUBLIC
Kralupy nad Vltavou
1/2 hour drive from Prague
Ondrej Novak
Machol Europa 20210809Waiting for next year's dates ENGLAND
2 hour drive NW from London or 1 hour from Birmingham
Maurice Stone
Machol Germania 20210529Waiting for next year's dates
Also known as Machaneh Aviv
Matti Goldschmidt
Machol Hungaria 20210826Waiting for next year's dates HUNGARY
2 hours drive SW of Budapest
Balazs Breuer
Machol Italia 20210827Waiting for next year's dates ITALY
Reggio Emilia
4 hour drive north from Rome - closest airport Milan Parma
Carla Padovani
Machol Merkaz 20201022October 22-25, 2020 USA
Chicago area
45 minute drive from Milwaukee
Phil Moss
Machol Miami 20201228December 2020
Waiting for exact December dates
Miami, Florida
1/2 hour drive NE from Miami Intl Airport
Peggy Elimelech
Machol Pacifica 20201001Waiting for next year's dates
New Zealand Labour Day
Thorndon, Wellington
20 miute drive from Wellington Airport
Cherie McDonald
Machol Paris 20210619Waiting for next year's dates FRANCE
Near Metro Alesia
See venue
Ariane Btl
Majol Pura Vida 20210130Waiting for 2021 dates COSTA RICA
San Jose
Diego Levinson
Mechol Hashalom 20210727Waiting for next year's dates FRANCE
2.5 hour drive north of Paris or 1.5 hours drive south of Brussels
Benny Assouline
Munich Weekend Workshop 20210201Waiting for next year's dates
53rd workshop
Matti Goldschmidt
Nirkod Batsafon 20200901Waiting for next year's dates
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Downtown of Salta City
Northern Argentina
Claudia Chuchuy & Leila Zusman
Nirkoda Australia 20201115Waiting for next year's dates AUSTRALIA
Caulfield, Melbourne
40 minute drive from Tullamarine airport
Denise Setton
Nirkoda Ba'kerem 2020102929 October - 1 November, 2020 USA
Sanger, California
3.5 hour drive Sth from San Francisco or Nth from Los Angeles
Aaron Alpert
Philadelphia Dance Weekend 20210905Waiting for next year's dates USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Suburb - Elkins Park
Talma Solar
Polin Rokedet 20210612Waiting for next year's dates POLAND Natalia Hakenberg
Rikud Oz 20210401Waiting for next year's dates
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Esther Blumenthal
Rokdim Uruguay 20210904Waiting for next year's dates URUGUAY
Punta Del Este
2 hour drive east from Montevideo
Beto Wakrat
Shorashim 20200901Waiting for 2020 dates
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New York
30 minutes from JFK International airport
Haim Kaufman
Sydney Dance Camp 20210817Waiting for next year's dates
Every year in August
Point Wolstoncroft Sport + Rec Ctr, Lake Macquarie
One hour drive north of Sydney, south of Newcastle
Frances Fester
Toronto IsReal Dance Festival 20210626Waiting for next year's dates
Pre-dance festival June 25
Downtown Toronto
Laurie Markus, Yossi Strauch & Sofie Azen
Yad Beyad 20210524Waiting for next year's dates USA
Half hour drive from Boston Int'l airport
Yehuda Vishny & Rina Wagman

Archival - Camps that existed in the past

Mid January Ramah Rikudiah in California Natalie and Reuven Stern
Mid February Tamaron in New York area Tamar Yablonski, Shmulik Gov'ari

June 2017 - one off event

Horati in New York area Danny Uziel & Ruth Goodman
07 July First week over the July 4th holiday Mini-Philly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Eitan Aloush
Late August Hora Keff in NY Moshe Eskayo, Eileen Weinstock
  Sababa in NY Moshe Eskayo, Eileen Weinstock
Late October Chagigah in Wisconsin Phil Moss
Late December Winter Rikud David Dassa
Keep your eye out for future camps    
Machol Cape Town
Australian dance camps (all) - Please note:
Apart from the Sydney camp which is on every August, Australia has multiple dance camps each year put on a by a variety of groups. Dates are moved every year so please click on this link to browse in date order.
Israeli Australian dance events
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Thanks to Mona Atkinson of Washington DC for the 2017 updates and suggestions of restyling the page.
We greatly appreciate all help and suggestions!

Other info

**Miss-A-Camp-A-Phobia: a feeling of profound sadness and jealousy that occurs when you see the videos and hear all the stories of the great time had at a camp.
The syndrome can apply in its milder form for parties and workshops.
The only cure is innoculation by registering for the next camp or dance event, whereby the symptoms will slowly subside.
Publisher's note:
This pseudo-medical condition brought to the readers of Israeli dances dot com by veteran North American Israeli dancers. Many of whom participate in the Gvanim annual dance camp, though they acknowledge that the syndrome is widespread and occurs in all the countries in which Israeli dances are taught.