Israeli Dance Camps
Israeli dance camps around the world. If we're missing something, please let us know
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All dance camps by country North America camps by time of year
DANCE CAMPS by name of camp
Name of camp Name of country
Camp Kadmon BRAZIL
Camp Yofi ITALY
Chagigah Wisconsin USA
Festival Aviv MEXICO
Gvanim Pennsylvania USA
Hilula New York USA
Hilulim New York USA
Hora Aviv Philadelphia
Hora Keff New York USA
Hora Sheleg      *Beginners camp 60 km south of Munich GERMANY
Karmiel USA
North Georgia USA
Kochavim Texas USA
Kochavim Bemachol FRANCE Meze
Machaneh Aviv - Machol Germania GERMANY
Machol Austria AUSTRIA
Machol Aviv BELGIUM
Machol Czechia near Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
Machol Europa ENGLAND
Machol Hungaria HUNGARY
Machol Italia ITALY
Machol Laneshama Berne, SWITZERLAND
Machol Merkaz Chicago area, USA
Machol Miami Miami, Florida, USA
Machol Pacifica New Zealand
Machol Tropicalia Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Mechol Hashalom FRANCE
Mini-Philly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Ramah Rikudiah California, USA
Rikud California, USA
Sababa New York USA
Shorashim New York City, NY, USA
Tamaron New York area, USA
Toronto IsReal Dance Festival
Toronto CANADA
Wink to Israel BELGIUM
Winter Rikud California USA
Yad BeYad Boston, Massachussetts, USA
Yona California USA
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DANCE CAMPS by country
Name of country Name of camp
Perth Sydney Melbourne camps
Please note: Australia has multiple dance camps each year put on a by a variety of groups.
Dates are moved every year so please click here to browse in date order
Israeli Australian dance events
AUSTRIA Machol Austria
BELGIUM Wink to Israel
BELGIUM Machol Aviv
BRAZIL Sao Paulo Camp Kadmon
CANADA Toronto Toronto IsReal Dance Festival
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague Machol Czechia
ENGLAND Machol Europa
FRANCE Kochavim Bemachol
FRANCE Mechol Hashalom
HUNGARY Machol Hungaria
ITALY Camp Yofi
GERMANY Hora Sheleg
GERMANY Machaneh Aviv - Machol Germania
MEXICO Festival Aviv
NEW ZEALAND Machol Pacifica
SWITZERLAND Berne Machol Laneshama
USA Boston Yad BeYad Boston
USA California Ramah Rikudiah
USA California Rikud
USA California Winter Rikud
USA California Yona
USA Illinois Chicago Machol Merkaz
USA Florida Miami Machol Miami
USA New York Hilula
USA New York Hilulim
USA New York Sababa
USA New York city Shorashim
USA New York area Tamaron
USA North Georgia Karmiel USA
USA Pennsylvania Gvanim
USA Philadelphia Mini-Philly
USA Philadelphia Hora Aviv
USA Texas Kochavim
USA Wisconsin Chagigah
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Around the world - DANCE CAMPS by time of year
Time of year Name of camp Run by
March Festival Aviv in Mexico  
End of April / First week May Kochavim Bemachol in France Sylvie Cremer
June Machaneh Aviv in Germany Matti Goldschmidt
July Camp Yofi in Italy Roberto Bagnoli
Last week of July Mechol Hashalom in France Benny Assouline
Late July early August Machol Europa in England Maurice Stone
August Machol Hungaria in Hungary  
August Machol Italia Carla Padovani
Late October Machol Pacifica in New Zealand  
Other dance camps - variable dates
  Camp Yachad in Belgium  
  Machol Aviv in Belgium  
  Machol Austria  
  Machol Czechia near Prague  
  Machol Laneshama Berne Switzerland  
  Machol Tropicalia in Sao Paulo Brazil Chefi Vogel
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United States and Canada - DANCE CAMPS by time of year
Time of year Name of camp Run by
Mid January Ramah Rikudiah in California
Natalie and Reuven Stern
Mid February Tamaron in New York area Tamar Yablonski, Shmulik Gov'ari
Yona in California
Yoni Carr
Mid March Hilula in New York Yossi Almani
Late March / early April Kochavim in Texas
April, Dee and Shira
Late April Yad Beyad in Boston Rina, Yehuda, Ronnie
Memorial Day Weekend
Sababa in NY Moshe Eskayo, Eileen Weinstock
Hora Aviv in Philadelphia Shmuel Batzri
Rikud in California David Dassa
Late June / early July Toronto IsReal Dance Festival
in Toronto Canada
Laurie Markus, Yossi Strauch & Sofie Azen
First week over the
July 4th holiday
Mini-Philly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Eitan Aloush
Late August Keff in NY
Moshe Eskayo, Eileen Weinstock

Karmiel USA in North Carolina

Ruthy Slann and Dany Benshalom
Late August / early Sept
Labor Day Weekend
Gvanim in Pennsylvania Irith Shade
Labor Day Weekend Shorashim in New York City Haim Kaufman
Labor Day Weekend Mini-camp in Los Angeles Yoni Carr
September Machol Merkaz  near Chicago Phil Moss
Late October - previously Chagigah in Wisconsin Phil Moss
Mid November Hilulim in NY Yossi Almani
Late December Machol Miami in Miami Peggy Elimelech
Winter Rikud in California David Dassa
Thanks to Phil Moss of Chicago for originally compiling this helpful guide.
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Other info
Australian camps -
Please note: Australia has multiple dance camps each year put on a by a variety of groups. Dates are moved every year so please click on this link to browse in date order
Israeli Australian dance events
Israeli International dance events
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**Miss-A-Camp-A-Phobia: a feeling of profound sadness and jealousy that occurs when you see the videos and hear all the stories of the great time had at a camp.
The syndrome can apply in its milder form for parties and workshops.
The only cure is innoculation by registering for the next camp or dance event, whereby the symptoms will slowly subside.
Publisher's note:
This pseudo-medical condition brought to the readers of Israeli dances dot com by veteran North American Israeli dancers. Many of whom participate in the Gvanim annual dance camp, though they acknowledge that the syndrome is widespread and occurs in all the countries in which Israeli dances are taught.
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