Yigal Triki is a dance instructor and educator based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Married with five children, Yigal served in the IDF as a Parachute instructor.

From 1984 to the present, Yigal has worked as a high school Tour Guide and an Israeli folk dance instructor.

He teaches adults Israeli folkdancing classes in Giv'at Shmuel, Holon and Tel Aviv University, and as well teaches Israeli folkdancing to children who are members of the Israeli Scouts.

Yigal produces designated Israeli folk dance segments annually at the Karmiel Dance Festival.

He has instructed Israeli folk dance seminars in England, Ireland, Germany Russia and the USA (Hora Keff in New York). He also instructs community representatives sent abroad by the Jewish Agency.

Yigal also teaches the instructors themselves, in seminars at Tel Aviv University, Beer Sheva and the Giv'at Washington Institute.

He was appointed Vice-President of the "Association of Folk Dance Instructors and Choreographers in Israel and Abroad" and serves in this position to date.
To contact Yigal Triki - email trikud@hotmail.com
Phone / fax: 972-3-532-7010
Cell: 972-50-245-2825
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