The term "university" is a broad term to describe groups who come together to share knowledge, and is different from the use today which involves examinations, degrees and other qualifications.

There are 124 U3A's in Australia - (61 U3A's in Victoria) - with a total of over 36,000 members nationally.

Members are retired or semi-retired people over 55 years of age, who continue to learn in an age-friendly environment.

Members share with others in the community their knowledge, talents, experience, skills and pleasure in learning.

All tutors offer their services free of charge.

One such class is Israeli dancing which commenced at U3A Glen Eira some years ago.

Venues and times can be found on the Israeli Dance Australia classes page.

Israeli Folk Dancing expresses joy, strength, unity and love.

Dance has always played a vital part of the cultural development of the Jewish people.

Events like traditions, a successful harvest, folk songs, ancient victories in battles;  ceremonies such as weddings, worship, romanticism of the home-coming to Israel in the 20th century and many others, reflect the rich cultural heritage of Israeli Folk Dancing.

Israeli Folk Dance classes are open to all.

The benefits of such an activity as Israeli folk dancing are immeasurable, and fits in so well with the ethos of lifelong learning.

Israeli Folk dancing provides continued community contact and enjoyment by assisting members in four main areas:

1. Physically:  the value of rhythm, movement in the maintenance of health and well-being.

2. Cognitively - with mental stimulation and creativity, thinking, remembering and recalling.

3. Socially - the regular supportive contact with others within the membership and in the wider community. The opportunity to perform for others at various community functions and nursing homes.

4. Symbolically - the contemplation, spirituality and pure enjoyment of the meaning of the dances and music.

or more information about the U3A Glen Eira programs, phone 9572-0571 between Monday and Thursday 10 am to 3 pm.

For information about other U3A programs, go to the U3A website

Israelidances.com thanks Margaret Robinson, previous President U3A Glen Eira, for the above article.

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