Linda Feigenbaum, Moshe Eskayo and friends at Jacob's Pillow, Massachussetts USA July 2007
Seeing a performance by Chunky Move of "I want to dance better at parties"
Back row left to right: Marguerite Beaser, Pamela Kessler, Moshe Eskayo and Barry Friedman.
Front row: Eve Cameron, Joan Hantman, Linda Feigenbaum and Nancy Bell
(Photo taken by David Feigenbaum).

Oren Ashkenazi, taken at Chagigah dance camp, Wisconsin, October 2005
Dudu Barzilay at an Israeli singaglong evening conducted by Oded Gordon, April 2006
Left to right: Oded Gordon, Dalia Gurfinkel, Dudu Barzilay, Nissim Ben Salomon.