Here are some sources to investigate to help with Israeli dance costumes.
As always our thanks to the wonderful members of the dance chat lists for help with some of the resources.

The Israeli Dance Institute in New York has a costume bank. Costumes - basic Israeli, Yemenite, Eastern European and others are available for a nominal rental fee.

For more information, please contact the Israeli Dance Institute or call Honey 516-481-8782

Israeli Dance Institute, 70 W. 36th St., JCRC - Suite 700, New York, NY USA 10018

Tel: 212-983-4806 ext. 144, Fax: 212-983-4084

The best place for Israeli Dance costumes is the fabric store.

1.5 yds for a blouse and 3 yards for a skirt on average.

Use the "Simplicity" catalogue for patterns.

Skirts should have a bottom circumference of 120 inches minimum and should have at least a length of 3 - 4 inches below the knee. 4 panels and more will prevent the skirts from flying up during fast turns.

A 50 / 50 cotton- polyester will ensure proper color retention and material body.

Blouses are best long with flouted sleeves. A V-neck collarless blouse is preferable.

Patterns cost $5.00 at Wal Mart. They come in various sizes ( 4-6, 6-8, etc.).

Fabric costs $1.99 / yd and up.

Trim costs more than fabric. If you tack on the trim, you can easily change it to change your costume appearance.

Sewing by hand or machine will work effectively. Afterwards you and your dancers will appreciate the work put into the project.

Imagination and creativity, what wonderous things.

From Juan Stomofu of the Rikud chat list

Simple easy-to-make costume from Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Created by Ruth Barsallo from the Nashville Israeli Folk Dancers

For more details contact Carol Rubin

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