A hop, skip and a jump from Ken Avner
Dance step definitions
Hop: start on one foot, go airborne, land on the same foot.
Jump: not normally differentiated how many feet you take off from, but lands on both feet.
In either case, the same word is used whether you move or land in place.
Curiously, in English, we differentiate based on takeoffs and landings, not by distance covered.
i.e. you can run in place, jump or hop in place, or do any of things while moving - and the terms are the same.
In English we talk about full turns, half turns, quarter turns, and other variations.

In Hebrew you technically only talk about a turn (sivuv) when it's a full turn or greater;
for anything less you face in another direction (pni'a).

To add a few more terms to the list:
Walk: change weight from one foot to the other without leaving contact with the ground.
Leap: change weight from one foot to the other, leaving contact with the ground.
Skip: a particular version of a step and a hop in an uneven rhythm.

Stagger: a version of walking, usually exhibited after a long night of dancing.

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