(Let's Dance for Peace)

Dance:           Peter Leipnik
Music             Vera & Aura Levin    Lyrics:            Aura Levin
Singer:           Aura Levin                 Meter:            4/4
Formation:   Circle facing center.

                        PART I
1-2                  Step R fwd, L in place opening arms to sides.
3-4                  Step R and lift L to L.
5-8                  L behind R, R to R, L across R and face CCW.
9-12                Tcherk. R raising arms hight on ct. 10
13-16              Turn to R on line of circle with 3 steps R,L,R and face center.
17-20              L to L, R across L bending knees slightly and snapping fingers with wrists crossed.
21-24              Straighten body and repeat steps of 17-20
25-26              Sway L,R.
27-30              Mayim step to R (beg. L across R) and face CCW.
31-32              L fwd raising L arm and hold.
33-34              Step R bwd and face center, step L to  L.

                        PART II
1-2                  Step R fwd, hold and snap fingers with arms high.
3-4                  Rpt. 1-2 with L.
5-8                  Yem. R bwd.
9-12                L fwd, back on R and face CW, L to L twd outside of circle, hold.
13-16              Turn to R twd center with R,L making a full turn and step R to R,hold.
17-20              Yem. L ending with ¼ turn to Rt. to face enter, and pivot to L to face CW.
21-24              ¾ mayim to L moving out of circle: R across L, L to L, R behind L.
25-28              Step and sway L to L, R to R.
29-32              Turn to L out of circle with L,R,L and face center.
                        Repeat Part II.

                        Repeat Dance 3x

1-16                Rpt. Part II, cts. 1-16
17-18              Rock back with the left
19-20              Rock forward with the right
21-24              Left yemenite back with a lift on the 4th count.
                        Arms in the air for a big finish!

Professional Instruction notations by Honey Goldfein of New York, USA
Honey provides dance notations for 90% of the available Israeli dances repertoire.
The cost is 50 cents per dance via microsoft word e-mail files, or add $1.50 including postage & handlings for each 10 dances ordered as hard copies and mailed.

Special thanks:
For original notations by Rosie Tusia of Melbourne, Australia
To Diane Grosman and Sue Appel of Melbourne Australia for their assistance.

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