How often have you wondered how a dance that you love was created? When we are taught Israeli folk dances anywhere in the world, our teachers or the choreographers often tell us the story about the dance - on the dance floor. So often the origins are forgotten or lost.

Sometimes the reasons for creating a dance are profound, based in history, folklore, the bible, or the Hebrew language. But sometimes it's just great music that provides the inspiration. We've tried to present different experiences for you to enjoy.

Here is our new section, open to all dance choreographers, to give some background and explanation of their dances to our readers. We hope you enjoy this new feature and we welcome feedback and contributions.


Ilan by Elad Shtahmer
Liya by Moshe Eskayo
Meteor by Oren Ashkenazi and Eli Segal
Tzel Midbar by Bonny Piha
Mirdaf by Karina Lambert
Perach Ba'aviv by Ohad Atia
Shalom by Robin Starr
Invitation to all choreographers, worldwide or in Israel.

Write to us, tell us the stories behind your dances.
It can be very informal.
Write to us for the details

There are a number of in-depth interviews with choreographers and artists on the Bat Amanoot website.

On each Choreographer's page on our site there is a direct link to their interview page on Bat Amanoot.

I thank Connie L. Katz for supplying the links and for the very informative interviews.
Choreographers are listed here in alphabetical order of their last names.

Shlomo Bachar

Danni Dassa
David Edery
Eyal Eliyahu
Moshe Eskayo
Ruth Goodman
Roberto Haddon
Moshiko Halevy
Karina Lambert
Sara Levi-Tanai
Avi Levy
Yankele Levy
Mali Lipson and Moshe
Kobi Michaeli
Carina Saslavsky
Meir Shem Tov
Israel Yakovee
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