Tzel Midbar

by Bonny Piha

Tzel Midbar by Bonny Piha
Dance details

I am a music lover and I spend hours searching for music. As well, I love ethnic dances of all kinds. Growing up I was inspired by the dances of Moshiko.

I am interested in research on ethnic dance such as Kurdish, Persian, Armenian.

I found the music to Tzel Midbar on a CD by Balkanika, a group which performs throughout the world.

The name of the original song was Anathema. I was completely taken by the magic of this music. The image I had immediately with me was a desert landscape. It also very subjectively completely fitted to sounds and images about Israel.

So I took the music and before I created any movement I had the music restructured to fit my vision.

From the moment I began to search the steps it flowed automatically, it was like having a journey in the desert.

Tzel Midbar means "Shadow of the Desert." I named it thus because in the desert, where there is a shadow is the only place you have real life.

Regards to all Israeli readers from Bonny Piha

Special thanks to Machol Israeli Dance Club in Melbourne Australia
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