Perach Ba'aviv

by Ohad Atia

Perach Ba'aviv by Ohad Atia
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Perach Ba'aviv was created during a dance session at the Sportan Haifa in the summer of 2004.

I was teaching the beginners class on the roof while Dede Luski was with the advanced class in the main hall.

After the session, I started listen to few new songs that I had received that day.

One of them was Perach Ba'aviv by Sagiv Cohen.

A few of my friends and I (including Roni Kedem who is the co-creator of part of the dance) started to sing a long with the music by the second time we heard the song. It was so catchy.

That was a big sign that it's a musical hit (in my opinion the most important thing in creating a good dance is the music :))

We started working on the song on the same night on the roof.

It went so well that by the end of the advanced dance session we went down and showed Dede the new dance we'd just created.

Dede suggested a minor fix, and we took a video film of the dance.

After watching it couple of times, and teaching it in the advanced session in the week after that, we decided that it was a good dance and started to send it around the globe.

I should mention that it took almost a year for the dance to enter the local repertoire (it was danced in the US and in the north of Israel for a long time before the big break came).

And the rest is History :)

I love this premiere couple dance of mine very much, and hope to create some more dances in the future (a good song is the best motivation - all suggestions will be happily received by me!).

Regards to all Israeli readers from Ohad Atia
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