by Oren Ashkenzi & Eli Segal

Meteor by Oren Ashkenazi and Eli Segal
Lyrics to Meteor
Dance details
Oren writes:

My friend Eli Segal called me late on a Monday night after his Harkada (dance session) and said this was a great song for both of us to create a dance together .

On Wednesday he came to my home and we started just to listen to the song again and again.
In my working room we started to work on it, and then we made a break.

We ate humous that I had made by myself.

Eli was amazed, because he said he had never seen anyone make humous on their own, and not bought from the shop!!!

We returned back to the room and the dance was almost ready.

We needed to edit the music so through the internet I sent it to good friend of mine, who edited the music online and all was ready.

When I taught the dance at Misgav at Yaron Carmel's Harkada (dance session) - after we danced it the first time he just stopped the music - he loved it and on the spot asked me if he could teach it at the Rikud camp in California.

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