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Teme, the 'mother' of Israeli folk dancing in Toronto, Canada, has a glorious record associated with Israeli and International folk dancing.

She was a demonstrator for the legendary Fred Berk, organized a great youth movement festival for years, and started the Ontario Folk Dancing Association.

Teme started teaching in the 1950's (and is still teaching), started a performance group called Nirkoda, and a seniors’ one called Chai, prepared many dance teachers and encouraged them to lead groups, and played a major role in Blue Star camps.

She has introduced thousands of children to Israeli folk dancing through participation in Rikudiyah - a children's dance festival, which Teme started and which she is organizing now for the 37th year.

Teme has taught and is teaching Israeli dance to dancers ranging in age from children of five to seniors of over 90. Her activity spans six decades.

She started teaching using a record player and is now using a laptop! Your head spins when you consider her scope of activity.

Teme was honored at the 2007 Toronto IsReal Festival.
The above is only a partial list of her accomplishments.

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