Shlomo Maman

Shlomo Maman
  Artistic director, Karmiel Dance Festival
  Winner 2nd prize Karmiel dance competition 2007
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  About Shlomo Maman
Shlomo is one of the most popular, prolific choreographers in the IFD world with a brilliant career spanning several decades. He has been involved in numerous performing groups & has been creative director of the Karmiel Dance Festival since its inception in 1988.

Shlomo has traveled the world in his capacity as choreographer, teacher & performer. Over the years his dances have become classics and he still produces some of the most popular dances today. With his exuberant personality, flamboyant & unique dance style, & creative dances, he is a choreographer not to be missed.
Information courtesy Hora Israeli Dancing, Melbourne, Australia

Shlomo Maman writes about Hebrew

"Hebrew is the connecting thread between Hebrew dance, music and song. It plays the role of an important ambassador spreading Israeli culture throughout the world. It contributes greatly to dancers around the globe by enabling them to understand the significance of the words of their most beloved dances."

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