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Sagi Azran is a young and vibrant choreographer and teacher. He is the founder and chairman of "Youth Spirit" - "Ru'ach Ne'urim" which is an organisation that promotes Israeli dancing all over the world. They initiate new programs to change the image of Israeli dancing in the eyes of teenagers and young people. They also initiate dance classes in elementary schools, and choose students to be young instructors.

Youth Spirit has a yearly dance weekend convention in Eilat around the end of February which is open to anyone in the world. They try to encourage groups of young dancers around the world.

Sagi leads a dance session in Israel on Monday night in Rechovot. For overseas visitors, your dance requests are welcomed. Line dances are popular as well as debkas and nostalgia.

"Chavayot Tsafon" hall, 52 Sireni Street. Rechovot is a quick 20-minute drive from Tel Aviv. If you are visiting Israel feel free to contact Sagi about any dance activities.

From overseas phone +972 54 77 42 167
In Israel phone 054 77 42 167
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