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In 2010 Maurice celebrates 42 years of dancing as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. He studied ballet, modern dance, jazz and mime in Paris with great master teachers.

Since 1978, Maurice has made Montreal his home as director of his own group - ¨The Harimon Israeli Dancers¨.

He founded and directed his own dance camp for 20 years ¨DANSE MONTRÉAL¨. He worked with adults, children, teenagers, seniors for the last 30 years in school, high school and golden age centers to prepare shows, festivals and holiday celebrations. As well he choreographed and taught Line Dancing and Ballroom Dancing with his wife Catherine.

Maurice has choreographed for theatre ¨The Montréal Yiddish Theatre¨, TV productions and has performed on stage in the US, Canada and Europe.

Since 1982, Maurice has choreographed his own dances and has taught some of his own at teachers dance seminars in Israel, in many camps in North America (Keff,Washington,Dikla,Tamaron,Hillulim,Mainewoods,Oquaga…… ) and Europe. He also won the first price in Caesarea, Israel, in a contest of new dances with his dance ¨Hora Gil¨.

We appreciate some of his own dances: Achat sha’alti, Zehuvat taltalim, He rokedet, Simchat Yerushalayim, Leartsi be ahava…..
You will appreciate Maurice’s personality, his talent and his innumerable qualities as a dancer performer and pedagogue.
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