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Dancer and choreographer Ephy Kashri danced in discos as a Tel Aviv teenager.
He was released from the IDF in 1990 and in 1992 lived as a student in Kibbutz "Bror Hayil" located in Southern Israel, near Sderot. it's where he started dancing, but his acquaintance with folk dances was really by accident.
Ephy worked in the kibbutz cowshed and a kibbutz member told him to come to the dining room in the evening where he saw people dancing in a circle. It was the first time he saw a folk dance - and it was the moment that changed his life.
He entered, the circle and hasn't stopped until today.

In 2010 he danced with the "Lazarus" dance group in Holon for about 4 years, under the guidance of Avigad Yitzhaki.
In 2016 he moved to the "Reaim dance" troupe under the direction of Lior Tavori.

Ephy has performed at all the great festivals in Israel: Karmiel Festival, Nahalal, Jerusalem, Ashdodance and Eilat "Camp Bitnua".

In 2019 he started a course for folk dance instructors and is now a registered folk dance instructor.

Ephy has created a number of dances:
Chibuk Le'yaldi, Dma'aot Ba'Einaiym, Debka Chidekel, Tamid Oto Davar.
With more to come soon.
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