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Bonny Piha is a choreographer and teacher as well as a former professional dancer from Tel Aviv. Bonny is a graduate of the prestigious Rubin Academy of Dance & Music in Jerusalem.
He has been the director for many years of the largest dance school in Israel, the "Bikure Ha'Itim" Dance Centre - Tel Aviv's city Conservatory of Dance.

In 1990, Bonny founded the Hora Shemesh IFD Camp in France drawing annually some 150 dancers, and has been its Artistic Director for the past 16 years. He has mastered several dance techniques and is an expert in dance movement.

Bonny has taught at European and American dance workshops and camps for many years including France, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Usa .

He is a high calibre, warm & multi-talented teacher.
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