Although Matti was born in Graz, Austria, he spent most of his childhood in several cities in (West) Germany.

He moved to Israel in January 1976 and lived there for about 11 years.

During Matti's his first year in Israel he started to dance at Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael under the direction of Moshe Pinkas, continued later on in Haifa (Bentzi Tiram), Be'er Sheva (Yossi Abuhav) and Jerusalem (Eddi Sasson).

In 1979 Matti successfully graduated from the Teachers Seminar in Jerusalem with ulpan leader Bracha Dudai.

In Jerusalem he studied Computer Sciences and History of Islamic Countries.

The first regular class Matti taught was in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1988 (which was taken over by Marcia Trask and later on by her daughter Yvonne).

After re-settling in Germany in 1989 he took over the already existing Monday evening sessions of the local JCC.

3 years later he founded the organization "Israelisches Tanzhaus" in order to promote Israeli Folk Dances not only in Munich, but also all over Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

Matti wrote several dozen IFD-related articles, most of them having been published in German language only (for details see at:

His book "The Bible in Israeli Folk Dances" was published in German and English
(for more details see:
Matti has created a number of dances, among them "Yam Adonai" and a couple version to "Or ha-Ganuz".

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