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The Essential Israeli Dance Catalogue

10th Edition was last printed February 2005
Produced by J. Steel, A. Even-Chaim & U. Krieser

5000 dances listed and cross-referenced.
This is the hard-copy version of the Israeli Online Database.
Individual copies may be printed on request.

The Bible in Israeli Folk Dances
by Matti Goldschmidt

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100 Israeli Folk Dances
Notated and edited by Fred Berk published in 1977.
2nd edition 1983, revisions by Gary Fox.

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Treasures from the archives of Israeli dance history
Israeli Dance Institute recommended publications

Judith brin Ingber : Book and Major Monographs

The Best of Israeli Folkdances
by Velvel Pasternak
Fiction works which include references to dance
Paradise Park
by Allegra Goodman

Family Orchard
by Nomi Eve

Map of the World
by Jane Hamilton
The Seventh Telling, The Kabbalah of Moshe Katan
by Mitchell Chefitz


"I just read a fun book entitled Paradise Park by Allegra Goodman.

The novel begins with the protagonist (Sharon) describing dancing with her boyfriend/partner at the MIT Israeli Folk Dance club.

The story moves along and Israeli dance resurfaces about 150 pages later when Sharon begins teaching an IFD class to a small group of women.

Her desire to translate the names of the dances leads her to begin studying Hebrew, which leads her to further exploring her Judaism.

In the final chapter Sharon returns to the MIT Israeli Dance for Oldies night.
I've read other books by this author (Kaaterskill Falls) but I had no idea that IFD would feature in this story!

I enjoy reading folk dance woven into novels, particularly Israeli.

If you do also, check out Family Orchard by Nomi Eve for her description of dancing in Israel.

Jane Hamilton in Map of the World captures International Folk Dance at the University of Chicago brilliantly.

If anyone has other sources where folk dance appears in literature, please share!"

Penny Brichta from Chicago

The Seventh Telling, The Kabbalah of Moshe Katan by Mitchell Chefitz
has the heroine enjoying Israeli Folkdancing. Interesting book too.

From Connie Goldstein, USA

"Family Orchard
by Nomi Eve
is one of my favourite books.

It is a great book for anyone interested in the history of Israel regarding the settlers and their family dynamics and social environment (Israeli dancing is featured).

This multi layered story is set for a great deal of the novel in
the fruit orchard area around Netanya.
The reason I want people to read this book is to get a feel for this part of Israeli history which is never selected - the concentration is always on the military and political aspects - before it is too late and all the orchards are bulldozed into the ground to make way for housing estates.

I for one will miss those beautiful citrus blossoms in Spring."
Margaret Brener, Sunflower Bookshop, Melbourne Australia

Israeli was contacted by the family of the author Nomi Eve.
Here are some more details about the book.

Family Orchard was first published in September 2000 in the U.S.
After Nomi completed the book, she sent it to an agent and within a week about 10 publishers had a bidding war on it.

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