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Israeli Folk Dance Leaders "Chutz La'aretz" ("Chul" or outside Israel).
Read about the new close cooperation between Israel and dancers worldwide.
Aussies overseas - report from Milwaukee:

"On Monday evening the first of August 2005 , the Israeli folk dancers in Milwaukee Wisconsin were delighted to have Robin and Rosemary Starr visit our group. Robin graciously taught three of his dances, SHALOM, a beautiful slow dance which is the perfect ending dance for an Israeli dance session, HA'HORA ITALBITI TSFUYAH EL RUMBA, a high energy hora, and GAN SAGUR, an cute, enjoyable line dance. We all enjoyed learning from Robin and having the Starrs as our guests."
Barbara Altman, Wisconsin USA
Australian choreographer Robin Starr: all dances are now listed online

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It is our pleasure to refer you to three wonderful choreographer interviews on the Machol Miami website.

The links can be found on our Choreographers page next to their names, but here are the direct links as well. Enjoy reading, and thanks to Machol Miami for permission.

Read interviews with   Avi Levy  /  Dudu Barzilay  / Eyal Eliyahu
Rokdim Yechefim, New Zealand's Israeli dance magazine online at

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Mavani - Hehalil - Al Lanu - Atarri - Vals Laohavim - Hashofar - Iilay -
Hodu Lashem - Gamliel - Gamla

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Dance and the Olympic Games 2004
A message from the President of CID
Poll of the most popular dances in Israel for 2003
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