PHOTOS - "White Nights" Festival, Tel Aviv, June 30, 2016
White Nights Tel Aviv 2016 was held at the Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre where choreographer Yankele Ziv led an an open and entertaining Israel dancing session.
The Tel Aviv University Dance Group, under Shlomo Maman's artistic direction, surprised the crowd with their exuberant expression of Israeli dance performance at its finest. It was a special treat to see Shlomo Maman's daughter as a featured soloist.
The event's special guest was singer Sagiv Cohen. Many of his songs have been choreographed as Israeli folk dances.
Sagiv sang many of his popular songs in the middle of the circle while the crowd danced around him with joy.
He then invited his good friend and singing partner, Nadav Kakon, to join him in a special duet.
At the end of his performance, Sagiv graciously and enthusiastically posed for photos with the banner, together with Nadav and Yankele.
A fantastic evening with great spirit!
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