by Margaret Robinson

"You don't have to be Jewish"

There is an assumption that Israeli Folk Dance is only for the Jewish Community - NOT SO!

The classes are open to all.

As a Christian I have discovered that IFD has led me through a spiritual journey through the Bible. Special dances indicating prayer, praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty have a spiritual significance in everyday life. IFD reveals Biblical treatures which stimulate inward communion in the walk with God.

Many stories behind the dances are challenging, thought provoking, and encourage me to read the Bible regularly.
The following three dances are examples of the wonderful truths to be found!
KISMEI SHAUL   (Saul's Magic)
Saul's Magic raises the spiritual message in 1 Samuel 28:3-19.

Saul had been troubled about his future as king and visited the woman of Endor, who was a law breaker/ fortune teller, which was contrary to the law of the land and the law of God.
Through the dance Saul is trying to hang on to his crown, and racing around to gain support!
The biblical message is not only Saul's disobedience in obeying the law, but the good that Saul had failed to do.
These are deep and meaningful lessons which makes Bible teaching alive and relevant today.
SULAM YA'AKOV  (Malach Misulam Ya'akov - Jacob's Ladder)
Jacob's Ladder lead me to re-read Genesis 27:42-46 & 28:1-22.
God had led Jacob to a special place where he received a vision in which a ladder connected earth and heaven - angles ascended and descended with God standing above.
God assured Jacob of the convenant blessings, and a new start from Jacob's old way to an improved life.
AHAVAT HADASSAH  (Esther's Love)
Esther Chapters 1-10
This dance is the celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people by Queen Esther through her heroism, courage, faith and patriotism.
This biblical teaching reveals an ability to overcome insurmountable obstacles by faith in the power of God.
Such faith is relevant in day to day life.
There are so many more Israeli folk dances that stimulate my desire to read the Scriptures, reflect upon the messages, to give thanks and to endeavour to walk humbly with God.
Thanks to Margaret Robinson from Nirkoda Israeli Folkdancing Club & U3A Glen Eira
Melbourne, Australia

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