About the original Digital Recording of "BOI MALKA"
Message from Ira, November 2006:
"The quest is finally over. 

For more than 25 years I've been searching for the original digital recording of "Boi Malka" to no avail. 

I even sent (choreographers) Mali and Moshe on the quest last year.  They met with Dudu Elharar (the singer himself) and he didn't even have a copy of the song he sang in the Oriental Song Festival 1976 which won 2nd prize. 
It took a Netherlands-based Record Company  called  "SYNCOOP" to acquire the original recording by purchasing the rights from Hed-Arzi Record Company in ISRAEL. 

Now they have produced a new CD in their very prestigious series called "International Mix 8" and have included the original digital recording on this new CD.  It took them several months to accomplish all the copyright dealings and they have sent me my own copy.
As soon as you hear it, you will throw away your other copy of Boi Malka forever.  You will hear instruments you never heard before."
Israeli is proud to provide 30-second audio clip of the new music for our readers enjoyment. (We use Real Player)
Anyone who would like the full song should either contact Ira directly or SYNCOOP Records.
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